Is your computer getting slower?

If your computer seems to be running slower than it used to, it may be due to the registry file. Every time you add or remove a program, or make a change on your computer, you alter the registry settings.

The registry is a list of all the settings of everything on your computer. Whenever you change the color theme or appearance, those changes are stored in the registry. Whenever you optimize your computer, you are making changes in the registry.

The biggest problem with a PC not performing at optimum speed is 90% on the time due to a cluttered registry. When programs are uninstalled, some links that pointed to the program remain in the registry. These are dead links, they go nowhere, but the registry still has to read them. It is these dead links that cause most computer problems.

registry cleaning is easy

Cleaning the registry is not rocket science, it is very easy and anyone can do it by following a few simple steps.

The first step is to download and install a registry cleaner. Some cleaners are shareware or freeware and others you must purchase and usually come with a trial period. They are not expensive and, for the improvement in performance, are worth every penny.

The list at the end of this article provides links to registry cleaners that I have tested and recommend. Download any of them for a free scan.

In this article, I am using Registry Easy as the example. The screens and options should be typical of any good registry cleaner and the screen shots are to provide a guide only.

Running the registry cleaner

Once you have downloaded and installed a registry cleaner, set the options for the first scan. Most good cleaners will have the all options checked by default and if this is your first scan, I recommend scanning everything.

Registry Easy screen 1

As the program runs through the scan, it will identify problems found with the computer. In this instance, there were 291 items found. These errors were for registry settings from dead links, lots of cookies that get installed when visiting various sites and other junk files.

Registry Easy screen 2

This is the final result of the scan. This PC was not scanned for 3 months prior to this test. If your computer has never been scanned, you will be surprised at the amount of junk that has accumulated.

Registry Easy screen 3

Select the repair button and the program will automatically repair bad links and move bad or suspect files into a quarantine folder where they will be deleted.

Registry Easy screen 4

The better registry cleaners will provide backup options prior to making the scan. Some will make a backup of the registry every time a change is made to the registry. The PC can be restored from the backups making it ideal when there are problems with an installation. This is similar to Windows System Recovery but is easier to.

Registry Easy screen 5

Some registry cleaners, such as Registry Easy, will find and clean unwanted duplicate files, and instantly free-up your hard disk space.

When deciding on a registry cleaner for your PC, look for additional options such as internet browser cleaning, removing history files.

Whichever cleaner you choose, make sure that it can do all the things it says it can. The following is a list of registry cleaners that we have tested and recommend.

Download and run a free scan now, you will be surprised at the difference in your computers performance.